Long term care insurance: DKV Home Care

Although unpleasant, it is important to think about how a loss of autonomy would affect you and your family. The costs of home care and residential care are constantly increasing. Will you or your family  be able to pay for your care?

DKV Home Care provides non-medical care after a hospitalisation of at least 1 night and a monthly allowance in case of a serious and sustained loss of autonomy. Thanks to the Exo option, you can also be exempted from payment of the premium for the duration of a serious and sustained loss of autonomy.

DKV Home Care is available to EU officials and their spouses and children provided they are residents in Belgium.



Which formula is best for me?







Care management service


Care in kind after a hospitalisation of at least 1 night*

6 hours/hospitalisation*

12 hours/hospitalisation*

15 hours/hospitalisation* 30 hours/hospitalisation*
Home care and residential care 275 EUR/month 550 EUR/month 1,100 EUR/month 2,200 EUR/month
Residential care as from the age of 75 275 EUR/month 550 EUR/month Average official rate*, with a minimum of 1,100  EUR /month Official rate of the stay*, with a minimum of 2,200  EUR /month

* Certain conditions apply. See the flyer for complete information.

Exo option

Thanks to this option, if you need residential care from the age of 65, you will be exempted from payment of the DKV Home Care premium for the whole duration of your serious and sustained loss of autonomy.




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You need to be or become a member of Afiliatys to sign up for DKV Home Care. To make it even easier, you can submit your application for DKV Home Care and Afiliatys at the same time.  

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Complete and sign the insurance proposal. It is made of two documents: an administrative questionnaire and a medical questionnaire (1 medical questionnaire for each person to be insured).





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