File a claim

Submitting a claim for your medical expenses may seem like an administrative challenge. We understand. That’s why we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Here’s how it works.


File a claim for medical expenses




Log in to your personal webpages. Go to




Download the claim form for medical expenses.





Complete and sign the form.






Send us the claim form and the corresponding JSIS settlement note, copies of the invoices and other supporting documents.

Find out which documents are needed per type of expense in the benefits guide of our product flyer.




Use our Online claiming tool. Simply fill out the online form and upload your scanned documents. Easy, right?



File a claim following an accident




Send us the duly completed ‘Statement of accident’ and ‘Medical certificate’ forms within 15 days of the accident date to






Once we have informed you that the accident is accepted, you can send us the JSIS settlement note together with a copy of the invoices. Therefore, it is essential that you make copies of the invoices before sending them to the JSIS. You will receive a confirmation from us once the payment has been made.





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